Choosing a phone line needn’t be tricky. We’re here to help make sure you have the most functional and reliable type of line for your business.

Whether you’re moving your current telephone system to a new site, upgrading your system or even starting from scratch, we offer a range of different lines.

Line Types


An analogue line is a single line that allows you to make one incoming or outgoing call. Mainly used for broadband and PDQ machines.

Per Month

Multi Line

A multi-line system allows each person or department in your business to make and receive calls. Perfect for small but expanding businesses.

Per Month


ISDN lines offer the very highest level of quality on the telephone network. ISDN 2e is generally for phone systems with less than eight external lines. This line type is used by medium sized businesses alongside their digital phone system.

Per Month
(comes in pairs, so £12 each)


This is the option to choose if you need eight or more lines. Provides up to 30 lines, and requires power to be provided on the business premises. Used by big businesses that make and receive multiple calls at once.

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Once you have chosen the best line option for your business, you can then select one of the national or international or custom call packages we offer.