Cloud WiFi

Cloud WiFi provides secure, scalable and highly resilient wireless network connectivity for organisations looking to offer affordable and easily managed WiFi connectivity to employees and/or guests.

As Cloud WiFi uses access points, it’s faster to deploy, eliminates downtime and so is a worthy alternative to traditional WiFi services. You don’t need any technical expertise to manage it – that’s done by a single, secure cloud-based network controller. It means you are afforded optimum control, advanced administrative privileges and an extensive marketing analytics resource.

The Benefits of Cloud WiFi

1. BYOD / Guest access
Provide access per user or device.
2. Presence analytics
Track customer behaviour for advanced targeting marketing.
3. Integrated marketing
Schedule and target customers based on use and behaviour.
4. Social media integration
Increase engagement through Facebook and Twitter
functionality.
5. Full support
24/7 support supplemented with captive portal.
6. Payment gateway
Collect payments via secure, PCI compliant credit card transactions or onsite voucher codes.
7. Geo-fencing
Set connectivity and permission levels based
on users’ locations.

Who is it for?

Cloud WiFi is perfect for businesses that would like to offer guests, employees, customers or clients a secure, resilient and simple-to-bill internet connection. These include:

Motorway Services Station
Large Offices
Serviced apartments/ university halls of residence
Pop-up Shops
Care Homes
Retail Environments


Following an onsite survey, we’ll be able to determine the number of initial access points you’ll need to provide suitable coverage wherever you want wireless connectivity.

Our experienced team of network professionals will then fully manage the installation of the system.