Purple WiFi

Purple WiFi is a cloud-based, secure WiFi hotspot system. It meets all legal requirements associated with providing public WiFi, and enables you to capture key customer demographics.

Purple WiFi is a cost effective and fast-to-deploy tool that can help you boost sales and promote customer loyalty. Authenticated through social media, it gives you enhanced social reach and cutting-edge analytics, generating reports on a wide range of customers within a variety of environments. You can then use this data to inform and develop highly-targeted marketing campaigns to help boost sales and build loyalty.

Key Features

WiFi Analytics

Through our portal, you can view real-time customer demographic data (such as age, gender, location, data usage, the volume of users and length of internet use), which you can use to segment your audience.

WiFi Marketing

The portal’s marketing tools allow you to monitor activity and promote your business. Customise the offline and online landing page with your own branding and advertising. Combine analytics with the unique e-shot system to implement highly-targeted marketing campaigns.

Presence Analytics

Gauge footfall by identifying the number of devices on-site. See how many times a device (and therefore a customer) has visited the site and their dwell time.

Location Based Services

Purple WiFi now includes RSSI data, which allows you to see people’s pathways through their location, entry and exit points. These insights enable you to refine your marketing campaigns. For example, you can adjust the position of sales displays when you identify a common pathway through the store.


By integrating floor plans to the system, you can heat map people’s movement and even draw ‘fences’ around specific areas, allowing you to trigger marketing messages. For example, monitor a customer’s dwell time in the clothing department, then trigger an offer for accessories or notify them of an upcoming sale.

Social WiFi

This gives you immediate social media engagement with a wider network of friends and followers. You could make “likes” or “follows” mandatory in return for access to the WiFi, but we find that most people are happy to do so of their own accord. Social WiFi means that you’ll appear on many social feeds, increasing brand exposure and awareness.

WiFi Security and Legal

There are a number of implications when you provide public WiFi, so it’s reassuring to know that we offer a product in line with all relevant legislation. Secure public WiFi means your customers can enjoy safe browsing and your own private network is protected.

Content Filtering

For any public venue that provides WiFi to guests, there’s a risk that consumers could access content that isn’t family-friendly. Purple WiFi filters traffic according to the IWF Watch list, which blocks IWF blacklisted URLs.