Some customers prefer to shop locally, which is tricky if you don’t have a base in that area. A ‘virtual’ number will make you appear local while enabling you to receive calls anywhere in the world.

If you’re looking to expand your customer base, but want to avoid the additional costs of setting up a new office or shop premises, we can supply local area numbers for every UK town and city. There are no set-up or connection charges – instead, you pay a monthly fee and for every call you receive. And you can make changes easily through our online portal.

Here are the different types of numbers you can choose from:


Local numbers for local businesses.

0333 & 0330

People trust 03 numbers because they are cheap to call (even from a mobile) and are used by established and professional businesses.

0300 & 0303

0300 and 0303 numbers can only be used by not-for-profit organisations. Calls are charged at the same rate as 01/02 numbers.


0800 Freephone numbers have been shown to increase sales enquiries.

Revenue-Generating Numbers


Cheap to run and perfect for small businesses and tradespeople. You can receive an unlimited number of calls routed to your mobile or landline. Calls cost the customer 7p per minute plus their carrier’s access charge per minute.


Perfect for companies looking to establish themselves as more than just a local business, without having to pay to receive calls. Instead, the customer pays 7p per minute per call plus their carrier’s access charge per minute.


These numbers allow your business to generate additional revenue through incoming calls, paying for information lines and technical support. Customers pay a 13p per minute service charge to call an 0871 number from a landline, plus their carrier’s access charge per minute.

Key NGN Features

Faxes are expensive and a thing of the past. Choose to have 01 or 02 numbers as a Fax2email. You don’t need a physical line, just an email address the number can point to.

  • Share faxes with others
  • Faxes go directly to the nominated email addresses in PDF format
  • Easier to read than paper faxes
  • Environmentally friendly

When you don’t need to speak to a customer directly, a recorded message is a good way to communicate things such as product promotions or opening times.

Instead of having the caller listen to the phone ringing, upload an intro message with your voice, or opt for a professionally recorded message.

If you use your personal mobile for work and see a number calling you, the whisper feature (using your own voice) tells you the call is work related.

If you’re inundated with nuisance callers, we can stop them. Just tell us the phone numbers, and you’ll no longer have them taking up your time.

This feature is ideal should you need to publish corporate updates, company announcements or employee information. Add an audio announcement to the number and set up a password. When the caller dials in, they simply enter the pin number to hear the message.

You can tag certain numbers for special treatment, for example bypassing a queue delivering calls straight to a specific person.

Choose a dedicated 01/02/03 number exclusively for conference purposes. Than create and control multiple rooms for multiple meetings, each with its own customised greeting. You can record the calls, allowing you to playback and share with one another.

All voicemail messages are sent to the designated email addresses you give us, so you never miss anything – even when you’re out of the office.

In case of an emergency, you can log in to your portal or call us to divert calls to a designated number.

When a customer calls your number, multiple diverts rings up to three target numbers. You can set the length of time this feature tries to connect to each target. For example, a call could ring your landline for 15 seconds, and then try your mobile for 10 seconds. If the call is unanswered or the line is engaged, it will move to the next target number until it is answered or goes to voicemail.

We can upgrade the feature to include 10 target numbers.

Time of day routing gives you flexible options over your inbound calls. We can route calls to a particular location during specific times and days of the week.

For example, you could set up voicemail to email after hours and over the weekends.

  • Ratio Targets
  • Missed call alert
  • Mid call transfer
  • Simultaneous Targets
  • Call Record Inbound
  • Call Queue
  • Virtual Switchboard
  • Timetable
  • Special Days
  • Zone Plan
  • Call us on 0333 700 3332 to Talk over the best option for your business