Communicating with your clients or customers via SMS (text or voice message) is quick, convenient and easy.

We’ve set up a portal that enables you to control the type of SMS you send. You’ll see delivery reports, and support is always on hand if you get stuck or need advice.

SMS services

No reply SMS*

Send a message or bulk messages to confirm appointments or bookings – perfect for doctor or dental surgeries, estate agencies and so on.

Two-way message*

Receive a response from your customer to confirm a booking. For example, you can ask recipients to reply with ‘1’ to attend or ‘2’ to cancel/rebook an appointment – great for salons etc. You can also use it to rate customer service, or send out a promotion.


Text to speech, send a SMS that calls the intended person and plays your message. You can even record your own voice. Companies such as banks and insurance companies use this function to relay notices or service updates.

SMS Features

SMS reporting

Check to see how many messages are sent, received and who has replied to you.

Number context

Validate your data by checking to see if a mobile is on/off, correct, invalid or roaming.

Address Book

Port over your current address book in CSV, Excel or Txt format, or add from new.

Terms & conditions

*SMS is 3.5p each.