Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

SIP is a protocol used in VoIP communications that allows you to make voice and video calls over the internet – mostly for free – using your computer or mobile devices. As SIP offers greater voice resilience, improved geographic flexibility and significantly reduced costs, it’s the channel of choice for many businesses.

We’ve been providing voice services for over 1,000 clients, and have been moving across to SIP seamlessly and effectively for several years. The technology allows you to interact with clients and customers in a new, more unified and richer way.

The Benefits of SIP

1. Reduced cost
A single connection is used for both your voice traffic and data, often reducing costs by 40% or more.
2. Increase call capacity
Additional SIP trunks can be provided quickly through the internet using your existing broadband connection.
3. Enhanced customer service and productivity 
The phone system is integrated with business applications and rich multimedia services such as video, instant messaging, presence, and mobility services.
4. Simplicity and ease
A single network connection with SIP trunking means one bill from a single provider for local and long distance, as well as broadband internet needs.
5. Greater flexibility
With multiple providers potentially servicing any area, you can choose from different providers and pricing options.

Our approach

– We integrate SIP and ISDN to create a truly resilient and diverse system
– We only ever provide SIP over dedicated business-grade connectivity
– We employ direct and exclusive peering agreements to make sure your voice traffic -does not touch the public internet
– We work in partnership with leading voice and SIP vendors
– We can migrate your existing voice services to suit your time frame

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