For many businesses and organisations, a fast, reliable and stable internet connection is vital. That’s why we offer good-value, high-speed internet packages, with the level of support to match.

We understand how important the internet is to your business. As we partner with all the major UK carriers, we can advise and connect you to the provider that will give you the very best service for your local area.

Making a choice on price alone can lead to problems. So take a quick look below at the options that may be available to you – and the benefits they offer.

Business Broadband Packages

  • Most cost-effective internet connection
  • Faster download speeds than upload
  • Widely available in the UK
  • Connection quality can be compromised
  • Ideal for small businesses

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  • Faster network speeds than ADSL
  • More suitable for multiple users
  • More reliable service
  • You need to be in a fibre enabled area
  • Ideal for SMEs

View FTTC Packages

  • FTTP is a high-speed broadband service, offering up to 1000mb/s
  • It’s future proof, ready for add-ons and expansion
  • It’s ideal for large organisations
  • Hight resilience
  • No analogue line needed

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4G Data
  • 4G technology opens up new connectivity options
  • Used for emergency, back-up or temporary connections
  • Can bring connectivity in remote locations
  • Ideal for hotels, building sites and serviced offices

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Private Circuit
  • Private dedicated circuit with point-to-point available
  • Idea for transferring data, voice and video comms between sites
  • Always-on connectivity
  • Offers an extra layer of security
  • Ideal for larger businesses

Private Circuit Options

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