Cloud Filtering

When it comes to your network, security is paramount. That’s why securing it from within is essential. With cloud filtering, you can recognise and filter out potential threats – before they reach your network.

The Umbrella Platform enables you to filter out access to unsuitable or malicious content. The platform stays always up-to-date with no hardware to install, no software to maintain, and no admin intervention required. And, as a cloud-based service, you can centralise control over security policies, removing the need for multiple security appliances and reducing administrative overheads.

  • Predictive threat prevention against phishing, botnets, and malware
  • Comprehensive 60 category filtering system with unlimited black/whitelists
  • Multi-Policy Filtering – apply different filtering policies for different users*, locations and devices
  • Customisable blacklist, whitelist, block pages
  • Comprehensive reporting engine – real-time data with export capability
  • Technical support help desk

*Only available in MPLS system

  • Transparent to end users – no browser proxy settings required
  • No infrastructure costs or management overheads
  • Conserve your Internet bandwidth for business use only
  • Fully managed filtering platform integrated directly with your network
  • Prevention against malicious threats/content getting into the network
  • Protect company from liability regarding illegal content
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