Private Circuit

As a larger business, you may want to consider setting up a private circuit – an option that is highly scalable and offers increased security and reliability.

A private circuit is a highly reliable point-to-point network that’s ideal for transferring data, voice and video communications between different geographical sites and high user numbers. We offer two different private circuit options: a leased line or a point-to-point network with MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching).

Private Circuits (Leased Line)

Private circuits are the best choice if your business needs complete control of your connectivity at all times and any loss of service would have a major financial or operational impact.

We offer connections from 1mb up to 10GB. Which means the bandwidth of a leased line can evolve with your business, enabling you to increase capacity as your business grows, or even just for seasonal use. You only pay for the bandwidth you require.

Since a leased line is completely dedicated to your business only, data security is guaranteed. Coupled with our 100% availability SLAs, optimum fix time and optional backup circuit for failover, we can reliably maintain a connection for business continuity.

Whatever speed you choose, we will guarantee; you can log into your account and check your connection at any time.

99.9% guaranteed uptime
5-hour circuit fix
4-hour equipment replacement service
1:1 direct connection
Also available as managed service or wires only

Point-to-point with MPLS (multi-protocol label switching)

Distant Voice Point-to-Point Leased Line service is perfect for connecting offices in different locations, ensuring your data is more secure and network performance is more reliable.

Benefits of point-to-point

two Sites
Robust SLAS
High availability,
low latency circuits
Highly secure
Uses Fibre
UK Support and
Technical services

Why choose MPLS?

By bringing voice, data and multimedia traffic onto a single, secure network, you can reduce costs and simplify your communications set-up without sacrificing performance.


Improve performance and cut costs
Reduce management time
Total Visibility
Flexible and Scalable
Fully Protected
24/7 expert support

Whether you choose ADSL, FTTC or Private lines, you can either access the internet directly or go through MPLS.