ADSL 2+ Packages

ADSL offers the quickest and often most affordable way to connect you and your business to the internet.

Available across the UK, ADSL is essentially broadband services through your telephone line. It works alongside the frequencies used for voice telephone calling, which means you can make calls and use the internet at the same time. As you’ll see from the packages we offer, ADSL has faster download speeds than upload, so it’s ideal if you don’t rely on VoIP calls.

Packages Available

MPF Unlimited

Line Rental Included


Per Month
up to 24mb

up to 1.3mb
Add enhanced care for
£10 per month

ADSL 2+ Unlimited

Line Rental – £11.50 per month


Per Month
up to 24mb

up to 1.3mb
EBE - Elevate Best Efforts
£3 extra


Because ADSL broadband speeds fluctuate throughout the day depending on the number of businesses using it at any one time, Elevated Best Efforts will help keep your internet speeds up during peak times.

Care & Repair services

If your business is broadband critical, our add-on care packages can help keep your services up and running.

We offer three options:

Standard care

40 working-hour fix time

Enhanced care

20-hour clock time
£10 per month

Premium care

8-hour clock time
£12.50 per month

Small but important

The distance of your premises from the local telephone exchange will affect the ‘up to’ connection speed.

You can check your current speed using To get the most accurate reading, make sure the device you run the test from is connected directly to your internet router and that nothing else is on the network.

* Free install on 2-year terms. GEA is a 3-year term. If you require a one-year term, you’ll need to pay the install costs of an analogue line and router.

Delivery of router – £7

GEA FTTC routers are Cisco 887
Routers are subject to change.

30 day charges:

analogue line install £45.87
ADSL2+ install £80.91
Router will be needed

Analogue line install £45.87
FTTC install £95.12
Router will be needed

Technicolor TG588 v2 £42.50 (Compatible with all ADSL and FTTC products)
Technicolor DWA0120 £64.99 (Compatible with all ADSL, FTTC, and FTTP products)
Technicolor DGA2231 £99.99 (Compatible with all ADSL, FTTC, and FTTP products)